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"Jupiter Sextant's" debut album now available on Jupiter Sextant - Jupiter Sextant and CDBaby!

"Bollinger/Jacobsen/Shuford's" debut album due out soon!


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A composer and multi-instrumentalist, Lars Jacobsen has been teaching and performing for over 20 years.

Lars holds a Bachelor's Degree in Performance (with honors) from Berklee College of Music, where he studied with saxophone greats George Garzone, Billy Pierce, and Joe Viola, in the early 1990s.

Since moving to NYC in 1995, Lars has performed and/or recorded with numerous world-class musicians.




Lars Jacobsen co-leads...

"Jupiter Sextant", with keyboardist, Gabe Shuford.

"Listening to your music, we felt like we were sitting in a Japanese Zen temple and just relaxing/meditating." - a fan


"Bollinger/Jacobsen/Shuford" with drummer, John Bollinger and Gabe Shuford.

Debut album due out soon!


"Lars Jacobsen Group" offers spirited live music for private events.

"Thank you for providing us with your beautiful music, once again!" - a client




20+ years professional teaching experience.

Currently resident saxophone, flute and clarinet teacher at Trevor Day School's Music Conservatory on the Upper West Side.

Available for private lessons, in or out (or at mid-town studio).

Excellent references are available.

An enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, Mr. Jacobsen provides customized and well-rounded lesson plans to every student. Lesson plans are designed to overcome weaknesses, achieve goals and maximize achievement. Skilled in teaching all ages, from beginner to advanced students. An expert in teaching saxophone, clarinet & flute technique, ear training, music theory (basic, classical and jazz), improvisation (jazz, rock & roll, funk, etc.), composition, arranging, counterpoint, transcription, recording, Pro Tools, Reason, etc.


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